Haunters of Dreamer's Den #4: Nap or Trap

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About the Book:

All the entire town of Dreamdale wants to do these days is take naps all day and night long. No matter what time it is, they just want to sleep. It's keeping Arden and everybody from going to school and or work. Arden doesn't have an explanation for the strange sleep spell that's swept over the town. Arden realizes Count Comatose is up to his old tricks again.

Arden and the Gifted Dreamers could nap for the rest of their lives if they wanted to. Could this all be a joke? If Arden breaks the dreamy curse, it could awaken the fantasy creature, Sour Sleeper! The spooky villain, Count Comatose responsible for causing everybody to lose hope of protecting the reality of Dreamdale. The next time you think about taking a nap, you could end up in the trap of the Sour Sleeper!

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