The Last Spellbound House by Samuel Simons

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About the Book:

The Last Spellbound House is a dark fantasy mystery/suspense novel which will ensnare your mind, ensorcel your heart, and enrich your soul with epic tales. Your heart will race at the desperate struggles of a diverse and relatable cast of characters.

Find within these pages Fae tricks of the mind and the cruel efficiency of the necromantic Dead… all of it born of centuries-old conspiracies and magitech mechanisms, for this is the Liberated World, which is free of those vanished ancients.

…Or is it?


β€œThe smallest meaningful unit of magical power is one mortal life.”
So said the Fae and the Dead who ruled the world… until they vanished, along with its sunlight.

In a dark fantasy realm where steampunk technology is all that remains of forgotten magic, follow a scholar-adventurer named Pyke who, with the help of an aspiring wayfinder named Jenna, encounters a clue as to the origin of his world's apocalypse and uncovers a danger which has been ticking its way to preparedness for a century...

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