The Eternal Agarthans

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About the Book:

Why do you think jack the ripper was never caught?
This is easy to answer, he went back to his world.

Deep beneath the earth's crust, lies Agartha, Hollow earth, or inner Earth.

The Civilization of Agartha is at least five hundred years ahead of us.

But our world's events occasionally affect theirs.

This book is about the stories of those Agarthans meddling with our History, and the minor changes they made that led to how we live our lives today.

In this collection, there are eleven stories from different eras of earth's history, from the ice age to Atlantis, the black plague, Alexander the great, and even Jack the Ripper, and they all star those unsung heroes, the eternal Agarthans.

Read The Eternal Agarthans, and get a new point of view on known history, TODAY

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