The Trinity's Dream

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About the Book:

The dreamer stirs awake and if he wakes, he dies, and his death would bring forth the end of the world.
Three scientists from the three corners of the world predicted that the world will end in less than six months.

International efforts to save a portion of humanity might be too late and too little.

Three men who have one thing in common, regret, might be our only hope.

John a Catholic priest with a faith crisis, Adam an Atheist with secret guilt that is consuming him and Ramy an online Jihadi with a death wish, are on a forced path towards the dreamer.

A secret order calls a search for those three men.

This order has the only knowledge of the dreamer, as they are the descendants of the people who helped put the dreamer back to sleep more than a millennium ago.

Everyone has his personal nightmare and his own dreams, but only the Dreamer keeps the worst nightmares at bay.

And time is running out, will the dreamer continue sleeping or will he wake up?

Read The Trinity’s Dream Today, and find out the fate of the dreamer.

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