The Himalayan Masters, Doorway to Power: The Journals of Explorer M.G. Hawking

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Free on Amazon August 15th thru August 18th, always Free on Kindle Unlimited. Explore the Esoteric Knowledge of the Great Himalayan Masters. 5-Star Review: “In this volume are targeted teachings from some of the major masters of awareness. Unlock the wisdom, a new way of knowing ancient truths.”

For thousands of years the largely inaccessible inner region of the Himalayan Range has been known in esoteric literature as the Great White Island, and has inspired countless stories and legends of the existence of a concealed sanctuary of wise and powerful masters.

On an extended trek into a closed area of that vast wilderness, explorer M.G. Hawking chanced on a remarkable discovery. In an isolated valley surrounded by vast snowfields and towering ice peaks he encountered a beautiful small village, referred to by its residents as Siddhalaya. It was explained to Hawking that, in Sanskrit, “siddha” denotes a high master or adept, and “alaya” means the abode of—for Siddhalaya was said to be the ‘Village of the Masters.’

In that remarkable community Hawking had the privilege of meeting extraordinary men and women—introduced to him as “masters” and “shamans”—possessed of knowledge and powers virtually unknown to the Western world.

The material presented in this book is drawn directly from Hawking's extensive experiences and conversations with these remarkable individuals. Portions of their knowledge have at various times through the millennia appeared in rare esoteric literature, in the more profound Eastern philosophies, and in the secret wisdom traditions of various ages. In modern times, scant fragments of their knowledge have resurfaced in various presentations, although absent both the most fundamental elements as well as the most advanced elements of the knowledge system of the supreme masters.

Unfortunately, attaining the power to manifest whatever persons, circumstances and events you desire to experience in your life cannot be truly or fully achieved through simplistic concepts of “positive thinking” or some alleged “secret,” as so many people have been disappointed to learn.

The knowledge and practices of the Himalayan masters is all-inclusive and offers real doorways to the illumination and guidance which, if studied with patience and fully integrated into your core belief system, can lay the foundation necessary to enable you to acquire abilities that most people would say are unbelievable or even impossible. Yet nothing explained in this volume is supernatural or beyond the ability of a properly equipped individual. These abilities are not miracles. Quite the contrary. They do not require any capacities that are not inherent in the human species as a whole, if those capacities are properly recognized and developed.

From the Author: “My deepest gratitude to those extraordinary masters who gave to me so lavishly of their time and knowledge. They appeared to be grateful to see their efforts aided by one who loves life and wisdom, so much so as to allow him to record and reveal their teachings. Perhaps each kind of teacher can be of aid to the other: the cautious master to check our excitement and enthusiasm with accuracy, and the enthusiast to pour warmth and comprehensibility into their highly elevated knowledge. Between us we might build in America an audience fit to listen to the masters, and therefore ready to produce them.”

As entertaining as it is richly enlightening, this is a truly incomparable book for anyone on a spiritual path or seeking enlarged knowledge and personal power. 2020 Edition, e-reader page count 246 (estimated, actual count varies depending on the reading device used). A Kindle Unlimited Book. For more information, please see the 'Look Inside' feature on the book’s Amazon page. Thank you.

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