Tale Spinner

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About the Book:

Brandon Merryweather, a young timid New York accountant has two passions in life. Numbers and the written word. one morning when Brandon steps out the front door of his apartment building he is teleported to Greedy Gulch, the world of the Western Novel that he had been reading. The people of Greedy Gulch call him the new Tale Spinner and expect him to finish the work that the, now deceased author could not finish. Brandon's life take a bizarre twist as he is teleported back and forth from New York City in 2003 to a star ship cruising the galaxy, and to LA in the 1940s. All of the characters from the land of fiction, expect him to finish the tale. Finally the characters from the land of fiction pay Brandon a visit in his Manhattan apartment for the final show down. Will Brandon do as the ask and finish the tale, or will their lives just fade away into nothing.

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