Shorestone Murders: Book #1 of the Detective Isobel Hester Series

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About the Book:

A devious killer. A dysfunctional detective.

DS Isobel Hester’s return home isn’t a joyous occasion. A vicious killer roams the streets of Shorestone, preying on young women. Isobel is tasked with rooting out the murderer and bringing them to justice.

When someone from Isobel’s past is found dead, suspicion swirls around her. But the stakes grow even higher when Scarlett, her estranged daughter, is put in danger.

She now not only has to follow a winding web of clues, but she must also prove her innocence, protect Scarlett, and find the killer before he strikes again.

Will she bring an end to the murderous spree and repair her tattered relationship with her daughter?

Find out in what is sure to be a new fan favourite, Shorestone Murders – the first book in the Detective Isobel Hester series. Buckle up for an adrenaline-rushing thrill ride with DS Hester at the wheel!

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