The Blood Inside Me

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About the Book:

Living with her mother in New York City, Elly appears to be a normal teenage girl. But, when her mother dies, her entire life is changed and Elly learns she is far from normal. With nowhere else to go, Elly is forced to move to rural Georgia with her grandparents, whom she has never met. As Elly struggles with losing her mother, she meets Khalil; a boy whose reclusive, yet friendly, nature draws Elly in. They develop an instantaneous friendship, bonding over the loss of their parents. But their friendship holds more than they realize... When Elly's uncle arrives in town, suddenly Khalil disappears and strange things start to happen. Haunting nightmares have her gazing out into the thick, lush forest looking for mysterious glowing lights. Dark, hairy creatures start to emerge in the shadows. She starts asking questions that no one will answer. But when a girl at school threatens Elly's life, she discovers the world is filled with werewolves, vampires, and those that have been gifted abilities to hunt and kill them. Elly learns it's in her blood, as her abilities start to take form. When she discovers that Khalil is a werewolf, Elly must decide if she is able to kill the boy she fell in love with.

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