The Artist and His Muse

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About the Book:

Love... is love... is love...
or is it?
Does pure love exist?
Some might claim it is the figment of the storyteller's imagination...

It is dawn. One man puts the final touches on his greatest work and smiles at the addition of a woman, huddled in a red cloak. With a flourish, he makes the last stroke of his brush and steps back to admire his masterpiece. The character he added draws the eye into the world of trees and hills. It is perfect and he knows his career is made.

He glances around but the woman who inspired perfection isn't there. Only a folded red cloak rests on the rock where she sat earlier. Picking up the cold fabric, the artist sighs. He must find her because he knows his life, and his creativity, will never be complete without the mysterious woman's presence. But first, he must meet a duke and receive his reward for achieving the impossible.

The Artist and His Muse is one of The Wordmage's Tales, accompanying The Apprentice Storyteller. The apprentice has learned from master storyteller, Viola Alerion, and now he performs these classic tales from the Haldrian Empire in his own right.

What readers have to say:
"After Astrid VJ's The Apprentice Storyteller and the Sewing Princess, this short story was a vivid treat to read. I was captivated from the start as the story is told with very visual language, in a Coelhoesque way and I love Coelho. Another artist contender wants to impress the Duke and paint a masterpiece fresco, but his magnificent painting is missing something. The artist is inspired by a beggar woman to finish his painting, but she's gone from his life in the morning. Their story quietly unravels as do the secrets of the beggar woman. The feel of the book at this point was melancholy kindled with hope. And that ending, loved it! Recommended for those who love to see their protagonists grow and heal and stand up to the injustice of the world and simply believe things are possible for everyone, including for them."
Ilona Nurmela - Amazon Vine Voice

"At once both dreamlike and poignantly raw, this is a beautifully intimate portrait of love, acceptance, and healing. A love story - but not a romance; this is so much more. A beggar woman with a hidden past finds her life inextricably wound to an artist - and he to her. I loved the echoes of their stories to one another, and the balance in their relationship. Each able to provide the solace the other needed.

Though short, this is a very rich story with amazing character depth and immersive settings. Much as the hours disappeared for the artist as he was drawn into his work, time disappeared for me as I found myself caught in this tale. The ending was both expected and surprising. Well foreshadowed, but not predictable.

This is one of the Wordmage's Tales, and can be enjoyed as a standalone - but after the rich experience this story provides, you'll want to read more. It is the kind of story that lingers and begs to be retold, full of evocative language that is even more enjoyable on subsequent reads."
Marjorie - Amazon Vine Voice


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