The Mystery Within You

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Pariniti is a young woman, a mother and a wife who used to be always tied up with her household chores. Amid lockdown she planned to transform her life by intense meditation. She was aware of the benefits of meditation but had no previous experience. All she knew was that meditation brings peace, happiness and abundance in life. As she couldn't go outside, meet her friends or do anything, she planned to go inside and explore her path of life. She wanted to connect with the universe and know all about her reasons for incarnation. When she started her journey she was not able to do it much but with time she improved. With her journey of meditation, not only did she get peace and happiness, she realised how magical this journey is. She unlocked all the inner realms of the human body.
She learned how the universe can help you live a good life. She learned how the conscience can travel through time and came to know about her past life and reason for her incarnation. She learned how she can be strong like a tree in any weather and how she can utilize her time more effectively and still absorb energy from five elements of the universe. She also learned how the universe has gifted everyone 7 to 9 different gifts.
Read this book to know more about her journey & how she unlocked these gifts

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