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About the Book:

Are you worried or stressed about how and when money will come?

Have you read a ton of “law of attraction” books and still not getting results?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to either of these two questions, then read on.

When you are growing up, the only option has been to get on the hamster wheel and run as fast as you can to succeed in life. You need: a job, hard work, and sacrifice time.

This kind of thinking keeps you stuck working for the sole aim of earning a living, while trading your time for money. As a result, it's been an everlasting anxiety that comes with the hamster wheel.

This well-known feeling doesn’t have to be your reality.

And unplugging from that unpleasant reality doesn’t have to be difficult either.

The entire universe is build upon laws. When you master these laws, you master your reality, no matter how bad the economy gets or in what situation you are in.

Mastering these laws is the "magic formula" to getting rich within a very reasonable amount of time.

This means more time with your loved ones, your hobbies, getting promoted, growing your own business, and even buying your dream home.

Most importantly, it means having the freedom to do what you like in all areas of your life.


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