(Not) Just My Boss: From Greece With Love

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About the Book:

Warrior in the boardroom--and maybe something in the bedroom. Things around the office are starting to heat up.


It’s just my luck that the jerk at the coffee shop who spilled all over me is going to be my boss.
I know his type: pompous, hot-headed, and a brute. I’m sure I’ll have to try twice as hard just to get noticed.
Not noticed for his attention, absolutely not. I mean for all my hard work...right? It’s bad enough I have to work for him. So why am I letting him distract me?
And why do I get these weird thoughts whenever I see him with his girlfriend? This is crazy! I have worked way too hard and stayed focused on me for too long to let anything--especially Chris from getting in my way.
So why can’t I get his smug, irritating, nearly perfect body out of my head…?


This new chick at work is a real drag. She can’t take a joke to save her life...but now, I get to torture her as much as I want.
And for some reason it’s hot as hell when she gets mad.
There’s just something about her that makes me want to pounce the moment she walks into a room. Not in a bad way or anything. I’m plenty happy with my girlfriend but come to think of it...not completely satisfied. I just, you know, want to have a little fun with this girl in the office.
I mean, yes, she’s extremely attractive and, no, I can’t stop thinking about what it might be like just for fun. Just a little fun with the girl at the office isn’t bad...right?

Under the Grecian sun these two coworkers will have a bit of fun.


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