Cycles of the Moon

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Eric Wilder
Mystery & Thrillers

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About the Book:

The sun illuminates all things, the moon nothing but the shadows of our minds

Paranormal investigator Wyatt Thomas awakens from a vivid dream in his French Quarter apartment. He finds an antique double-moonstone pendant placed in his hand by the ghost of a voodoo mambo. One of the two moonstones is missing, and both gemstones are needed to make the pendant magical. There are other problems.

The rightful owner of the pendant is a supernatural fairy named Maurelle. Someone chopped off Maurelleโ€™s wings and buried her alive in the ruins of a French Quarter Creole townhouse. A mystical beast still haunts the grounds of the estate. Now, the fairyโ€™s lifeless body lies in the archaeology department of the University of New Orleans. To raise Maurelle from the dead, Wyatt must travel back in time to Antebellum New Orleans, find the lost moonstone and then return safely to the present.

Will Wyatt survive the journey or become an unwitting foot soldier in the Slave Insurrection of 1811? He could lose his head and have it displayed on a pike in Jackson Square if he does.

Cycles of the Moon is Book 9 of Eric Wilderโ€™s exciting French Quarter Mystery Series set in that โ€˜exotic, erotic Mecca known as New Orleans.โ€™ Read Cycles of the Moon and find out why one reviewer said, โ€œWilderโ€™s novels are like an ice-cold Hurricane slush on a hot and steamy Louisiana day.โ€

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