RAMAYAN An Ancient Galactic Saga

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About the Book:

Timeless epic of ancient India, narrated as a Galactic Saga...

An epitome of literary achievement from bygone epoch, Rāmāyan has been retold many times in the past. Believed to have been recorded during the dawn of civilisations on planet Earth, its real origin is still shrouded in mystery.

Did the oldest known epic of mankind, originate few thousand years ago? Or....is it part of our ancient and forgotten pre-history? Was it about events within the terrestrial landscape of planet Earth alone? Or....was it within the context of a space-faring civilisation that spanned the entire galaxy? Was it recorded for the first time by Sage Valmiki? Or....did he reconstruct it, based on fragmentary records salvaged after a terrible global catastrophe known as Pralay (around 11500 BCE)?

Many millennia before the Pralay, Earth is a relatively insignificant planet that's part of a highly advanced galactic civilisation, dominated by Devarth Federation and Lankan Empire. Rama, the exiled Prince of Kosala Kingdom, is forced into an onerous quest to rescue his spouse Sita, from the distant planet of Lanka. With support from a tribe of Vanars from the world of Kishkinda, he launches a bold and unprecedented military campaign against Lankapuri - the capital city of Lankan Empire.

How did the Vanar warrior Hanuman, search out the exact location of Sita? How did Rama mobilise an entire army across the interstellar void between Kishkinda and Lanka? How did he confront Rāvan - the legendary Emperor of Lanka? How did the drama of ancient galactic STAR WARS actually play out?

While the theme of this book is based on what we've learnt through astrophysics over the past century as well as cosmology mentioned in ancient scriptures, the author has attempted to project both science and spirituality as inseparable sides of the same coin. The reader may at times need to refer the glossary to understand the full meaning of a few Sanskrit words.

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