Cammy the Chameleon : Happy Forest Book 1

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About the Book:

Meet Cammy the Chameleon! She likes to admire beautiful landscapes and sometimes she enjoys being alone.
It's the first day of Kindergarten for all the young reptiles and everybody is eager to learn new things and make new friends.
Cammy discovers that even though she is a bit different from all the other reptiles, that's not a bad thing, quite the contrary.
This book helps develop a child’s confidence and awareness while having fun during the process.
The story encourages empathy, understanding others, manners and patience. Children will learn about the importance of friendship, trust and kindness.
Young readers enjoy the playful illustrations while they learn about how our differences make us unique. By empathizing with these cute reptiles, children gain a great sense of accomplishment.
This is a book for kids aged 2-10.
Parents, grandparents and teachers will love the gentle approach to social and emotional learning.

Cammy the Chameleon is a perfect addition to story time or to a social awareness and relationship skills curriculum.
The books in the Happy Forest series are suitable as Read-Aloud Books for preschoolers or Self-Reading Books for beginners.


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