Beyond the Woodland, Jersey, Channel Islands

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About the Book:

This believable bedtime story will engulf children in an enchanting world of imagination that blurs the line between real and fantasy.The perfect sequel to ‘Out of the Woodland’, this action-packed chapter book is a wonderfully illustrated adventure for boys and girls aged 6 to 10 years old. When Charlotte and Thomas board a flight to Jersey with their parents, they never imagined the Goobies would sneak aboard too. This family holiday surprise unfolds into a delightful journey for the siblings as they explore the island, meeting new friends, weathering storms, and trying their utmost best to keep the mysterious creatures from being seen, squashed, squeezed, squelched or squished! From shops to shores, the library to the zoo, an orangutan hunt and a poster or two – the children share a kaleidoscope of unexpected encounters and magical moments that bring them closer together. But when Dink goes missing, who can the children trust? When is it safe to share or keep a secret? The Goobie Adventures have been likened in style to one of Britain’s best-loved children’s book writers, Michael Morpurgo, and described by some readers as a modern Enid Blyton. The warm simplicity of the characters and the emotions they experience make the book easy for readers to follow and relate to.Alexandra Kettles describes all of the Goobie Adventures as a series of books that promote family and friendships while gently immersing children in a world of animal and natural wonders.
'Beyond the Woodland' is free on Kindle from 10 to 14 April 2021.


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