Buy a House ...Like a Boss! | An Easy Guide for Today's Home Buyer

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About the Book:

Want to buy a house??! Ready to crack the home buying code?

Dreaming of that first house? Curious if buying a house vs renting will be cheaper? Planning your move to a different house after years and years of owning this one? Or do you want to buy a house but you have bad credit? ...Or are you ready to go and just worried that a wrong decision might be made that could cost you thousands of dollars simply because you did not know differently?

Buy a House ...Like a Boss! is the book for you! Lynda Sawyer has taken the complex mountain of steps currently used in the process to buy a house in today’s market and changed them into “real estate made easy!” It is filled with tidbits of knowledge that just doesn't come up until you’re right in the middle of the home-buying process and a decision needs to be made.

Informative without being overwhelming.   

Witty and warm, like talking to a best friend that’s also a real estate professor AND a real estate agent, Lynda’s book will take you from Should you buy a house? to Here are your keys!<> with all the other steps in buying a house spelled out along the way.

Buy a House ...Like a Boss! Process

                            ★ The Dream                       ★ The House

                            ★ The Prep                          ★ The Offer

                            ★ The Dream Team             ★ The Bits (Contingencies)

                            ★ The Money                       ★ The Close

The Benefits...

The greatest part of this book is having all of the home buying information together in one simple-to-read guide. When you’re thinking of buying a home in today’s market, even if this isn't your first time, the information given here will prepare you early for the decisions only you as the buyer can make. ...thus, it will ultimately help you avoid split-second decision-making and potentially avoid expensive mistakes.

If you’re someone who has not experienced the home buying process before, this book is necessary! If you’re someone who has not experienced the home buying process in many years, this book is going to remind of the many steps you’ve happily forgotten and introduce you to a few new ones you didn't know existed.

Ultimately, it’s great advice with some awesome insider tidbits so you can successfully participate in your home buying process a Boss!™


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