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The Adventures Of Nuff Faluff! Saving Money Makes Cents

Saving Money Makes Sense

Nuff Faluff is a second grade, eight-year-old boy who often finds himself in a pickle! Follow along in his adventure as he figures his way out of difficult situations and learns a valuable lesson or two along the way... Nuff said!

Like many kids, Nuff gets money for his birthday, holidays, and throughout the year for special occasions. It makes Nuff feel like a millionaire! Unfortunately, Nuff knows how to spend more than he knows how to save. Anytime that he’s out and about with money in his pocket, he seems to buy any and everything insight.

Suddenly after a few major shopping sprees and a bow-wow mishap, Nuff’s life savings has dwindled to near non-existence. The only problem, there’s one more thing on his shopping list. What could it be?

Join Nuff in a journey about buying more than one can afford and learn why saving money makes sense.

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