Don't Go For Broke: Go For Book Growth by T N Traynor

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About the Book:

Utterly practical. This is the bible for all self publishing authors written by award winning & best selling author T N Traynor with expert tips and suggestions helping you on your way to making money and selling books. Don't Go Broke, Go for Book Growth is basically the A-Z of self-publishing, from advertising yourself to writing a synopsis like a Pro. And it's good; very good. So much so, I wish I'd had access to a book like this when I started out all those years ago. If you are contemplating self-publishing, I am happy to recommend this book to you. Whether you are trying to work out how to embed fonts or how to put together your Amazon Author Page, this book will help you to get there. In fact, it's so well-written and so accessible, I'm going to put a link to it on The WishingShelf Book Awards' website. Everything you need to know to becoming a successful authorpreneur. Grab the paperback so you can highlight and make notes.


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