A Cloud Can Weigh A Million Pounds

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About the Book:

"The narrative has a poetic and almost lyrical quality to it, and drew me in immediately like I'd been caught in a spell"
"I hope A.D. Stephenson cracks out the next one as I already can't wait to read further adventures of the great Scottish hero!"
"A fantastic and gripping debut novel from A.D. Stephenson! Even if you are not a fan of football, the gripping tale will keep you hooked."
Superstar sportsman "Meets Taggart on a Road Trip to Spain with Irvine Welsh."

A feeling of lethargy during a cup semi final soon develops into something more sinister for Claston Celts star, Paddy McAlpin. A random drug test post match soon reveals more than he could ever have expected and sets him on a dangerous journey to discover the truth. In this thrilling and humorous tale we follow the arrogant and talented Paddy McAlpin as he searches for the truth behind the attempt on his life, taking him back to his ignored, if not forgotten roots in Claston's slums, before setting him on a whirlwind voyage of espionage and peril. Using his strength of body and mind to seize what he needs, he draws closer to the truth, putting himself into greater danger each step of the way. Throughout his journey, he is forced to take an introspective look and comes to the realization that there is more to his life than himself.


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