The Grand Hotel

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About the Book:

Love, lust, and hatred are basic elements of the story when shattered dreams turn trust and loyalty into desperation, deception, and dishonor.
Louis La Cour thought he knew everything there was to know about a scheming, want to be beauty queen's mother.
But knowing the difference between a diabolical mastermind and a monster hell-bent on destroying the lives of everyone around them is a whole other matter.
Something strange is brewing at the Grand Isle Gala, when a rival’s sudden desire for power takes an ugly turn, and a mastermind villainous schemer sets into motion retaliatory plans, that summon disaster!

The Grand Hotel” is a captivating saga about the lives of several families who become intriguingly interconnected as the plot unfolds. By the end of the story, the one family that will capture your attention is the β€œLa Cour” family. The family members in this family are complete, multi-faceted and chillingly realistic. This family is completely unpredictable and brings even more sensually sizzling, intensely steamy romance, drama, betrayal, and mayhem in Book I Lovers, Players & The Seducers, Book II Lovers Players The Revenge and Book III – Lovers Players Seducer The Betrayal of Nicholas La Cour.

Discover The La Cour family is not just your ordinary American Family, but they are a lively captivating, unique and intriguing group of characters who are thoroughly unpredictable. From their sensual sizzling romances, multi-faceted drama filled lives, mayhem is just an ordinary day in the lives of these mere mortals living in the land of milk and honey, and all that computer money instant wealth from living in Silicon Valley.


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