Garage Band Theory: Tools the Pros Use to Play by Ear

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About the Book:

Garage Band Theory covers everything you need to understand, play and make your own music!
GBT combines the freedom of playing by ear and the strength of traditional music theory.
This is practical, useful theory for musicians who want to be able to think coherently about music in order to ask questions and understand answers about the music they want to play.
The stuff in GBT is about understanding The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Cole Porter and Duke Ellington, The Grateful Dead and Vampire Weekend.
It's NOT about analyzing Bach Fugues - but you'll be able to if you want to.
Whether you're a beginner or a professional, studying on your own or with a teacher, GBT has loads of useful stuff for you.
GBT assumes you know nothing about basic theory and is written in a conversational, easy to follow style.
It's all in there, everything you ever wanted to know... but didn't know how to ask.
Garage Band Theory is the only book that recognizes that a beginner won't always be a beginner and that everyone wants to play better.
It's loaded with easy to understand approaches to playing by ear and traditional theory, using popular examples as well as the familiar tunes you know and love.
Here is a very brief recap of what you get when you order GBT:
•Multi-genre approach – dozens of musical examples provide lots of variety, which makes you more well rounded musically.
•Chapter quizzes and an answer key allow students to measure progress.
•Learn to read music — with GBT examples + free software you develop reading skills without having to actually play an instrument.
•Tablature for guitar, mandolin, banjo as well as a standard notation for keyboards, brass and woodwinds.

It also includes keyboard illustrations, hundreds of standard notation illustrations.
The included diagrams and explanations make it easy to understand how similar all the instruments are and how they all relate to the keyboard.
There are loads of exercises and examples using familiar songs and with the free downloads on the book's website you can watch and hear the notes play at any speed you choose.
The YouTube channel has over 250 videos so you can listen to every song used as an example. After all, playing by ear is about listening and GBT is the ONLY book that provides that.
"A full course of study under one cover, Garage Band Theory is impressively informed and informative. It's practical and insightful and should be considered an essential resource for any aspiring musician."James A Cox - Midwest Book Review - Publisher's Weekly
"Garage Band Theory is a must for any musician." Rodney Crowell - 2 time Grammy winner
"Don't be put off by this giant book - Duke's got the secrets of the universe in here. Quite simply, this is the most comprehensive book on music theory I've ever seen." - Bill Payne (Little Feat)
"Something for every musician at any level. Especially helpful is the musical notation and tablature for a variety of instruments. This book inspires me to learn and practice more." Sam Bush - International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame
"This book is written in the people's key." Kostas - Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame

You can be a multi-insturmentalist! Garage Band Theory provides clear explanations and lots of tabs for guitar, mandolin, and banjo.


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