The Best 20 Chess Logical And Math Riddles And Brain Teasers For Kids And Family

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This book suggests 20 (twenty) interesting and funny logical and math riddles and brain teasers with chess. There is an answer for every problem in this book. The answers are very detailed and explained in simple and understandable language. This is done on purpose so that children and their parents can learn to solve various logic and mathematical problems with the help of this book. The acquired problem solving skills from this book will be useful not only in chess, but also in everyday situations.

In addition, if you carefully study and understand the logic of the solution, which I give in the answers, you can show yourself smart and resourceful in any company. Trust me, it will look like a trick. A mathematical and intellectual trick.

Please leave your feedback about the book. I am planning a series of similar books on logic and mathematics. And for solving the puzzles in this book, it doesn't matter if you can play chess or not.


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