Last Wish

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About the Book:

The story of a broken heart healed by the love of strangers.

In the sadness following the death of his wife, John Winter learns she had one last wish: that he travel the world as theyโ€™d always hoped to do together. Following her final words, John sets out on a trek around the world, only to face challenges and loneliness that constantly push him to turn back.

Saved by the kindness of fellow travelers, he finds himself in Paris under the tutelage of an eccentric photographer who gives him the tools and will to carry on. As he makes his way from west to east, new friends and fresh experiences test his resolve and give him the strength he needs.

With only a camera and a willingness to help where he can, John finds purpose in the mountains of Europe, the deserts of Africa, and the slums of India. But itโ€™s not until he meets a reclusive elephant in the hills of Southeast Asia that he recognizes the journey has brought him a new chance at happiness. From the uplifting to the most tragic, John realizes the encounters he has along the way have healed his very soul.


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