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Being average in the court of King Nessel was the peak of power that one such Inna Goedhoagdaug could expect. Being average and young, she could walk about the Women's Quarters unfettered, free to live in her sheltered confines, and that was enough. But even this small isle of peace could not last, for young Inna was not quite as young as her large eyes belied. Now two years past her "marriageable" age and unlawfully belonging to no one, she was a hidden criminal in the eyes of Osskripi court and anything other than average for her would spell the end of her freedom. Set about forty years before Maygest's Tale, Inna, Maygest's mother, must find her way to freedom through the brewing civil war in Goed-land.

[Promotion from the 19th to the 23rd]

"The main character, Inna, is wonderfully morally gray. She does nice things and very questionable things. She is clever and can muster up confidence befitting any highborn lady but that doesn't always serve her well. She fights to keep herself free and to decide her destiny herself but it doesn't always go her way." - Aino (on goodreads)


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