One Easy Way To Quickly Solve A Rubik's Cube: A Layer By Layer Approach

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About the Book:

This is my first book about Rubik's Cube Solving Methods for Beginners (but second edition). And it is my first promotion experience my book.
I have known the method described in my book since 1988. And I sure, this method is very simple and usefull for newbies. The method can be supplemented at each stage with high-speed assembly techniques, if necessary. But I don't write about this in the book. This is the plan for other publications.
In this book, you will find one of the quick and very easy way to solve Rubik's cube for beginners. In my experience, many people will be able to assemble a cube using the method described in this book in about 2 minutes from any tangled state. This method is using a layer by layer approach. Unlike the first edition of this book (which I have already removed from sale), here are additionally given two additional ways of assembling the starting cross.
One important point!
The book will be available for free for 5 days. I plan to do this between February 20-24, 2021. Please leave your review of the book on its Amazon page. I would appreciate positive public feedback.
Recommendations and comments write to me by mail or in social networks. My contacts are in the book.


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