Serious Relationship by Rebecca Popova

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About the Book:

Is it easy to be young? One smart man described youth as a disadvantage that usually goes away quickly.
Only in our youth we are so selflessly and completely indulging to fun and are so hopelessly feeling alone, fearfully thinking about our uncertain future.
The author of this story recalls her youth during the dramatic events in the history of Russia in the 90s.
This is a real true story about her lonely evenings, when she was sitting at home and waiting for the call of some her current guy, going over in her mind all the words that she said to him during their previous meeting, in order to convince herself on the wave of euphoria that she did everything right and that therefore she would surely hear right at that moment a phone call from him. Or, on the contrary, to remember something from her words or deeds that might have disappointed him, and by this to explain to herself why the phone was so silent all the time and that meant her current boyfriend had decided to break his promise and not to call her and thereby to cut off their communication right at that moment, causing the numerous complexes in her soul that something was wrong with her and that she was not attractive enough.
The second book of the cycle "The Unbearable Longing of the Flesh".
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