Diary of a Man Who Set Out to Prove the Earth is Flat (And Other Stories)

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About the Book:

It is a book of short stories. Each story showcases an example of corruption, hypocrisy, delusion or insanity, and usually all of the above to some degree. The opening story is a satire of flat earthers and is about an explorer who embarks on a voyage to confirm to the world his conviction that he knows to be true. To say the expedition goes poorly would be an understatement. The other stories are, “The Church Of The Resurrection Inc.”. “The Persarius Experiment”, “Three 10 Minute Plays About Donald J.erkass Drumpf” which are three plays that give a much deserved critical send off to Donald Trump’s disgraceful, embarrassing disaster of a presidency, and the final story is, “Exploring the Mysteries of Space: You Might Not Like What You Find”, a story about alien life being discovered where the reality of the life form that is found is not what anyone could have imagined. All stories are presented humorously, and the humor can, at times be quite dark. Though all stories don’t focus directly on current events, the book seeks to capture the essence of the calamity and absurdity and abject, inconceivable irrationality and disturbing stupidity of the present day. Strange days, that they most definitely are and it is, indeed a world gone mad. The book is also available with KindleUnlimited.


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