The Asking Boy – A Children’s Story Book about True Love for kids ages 3 to 5 years upwards

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About the Book:

Inspired by a classic story but told in a way that younger kids will understand and appreciate!
This book is inspired by the classic children’s book, “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein which is a great literary masterpiece!
If you loved that book but had a hard time conveying its message to your younger children then you should enjoy reading this book to them as it shows the effects of true uncompromising love that only seeks to give for the good of the beloved.

A Tale about Love that cares much more deeply than the beloved will ever know!
This is a short story of a boy who gives his love to a tree with the hope that he will be granted anything he asks of it.
Will he always get his way with the tree?
If he does not, will he think that the tree not granting him his wishes means the tree does not love him enough?
Will the tree eventually give the boy what he wants so it can be loved by the boy?
Find out in this simple bedtime story for kids of all ages!


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