A Deal with the Earl

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About the Book:

There is no love in society marriages... Unless one makes a deal with the earl.

Soft, caring, loyal.

Lady Julia has always dreamed of marrying for love. She even picked out her groom at the age of four. Only its seventeen years later and her time is running out as her father forces an unwanted betrothal upon her. Besides, if she doesnโ€™t marry fast, someone close to her will suffer the consequences. And her true love? Well, he is away on the continent fighting at war. On the precipice of making the toughest decision of her life, will Julie bow under the circumstances and give up on love, or will she open her heart to a possibility of finding a new love with her forbidding husband?

Hard, precise, demanding.

Robert, the Earl of Clydesdale, has never shied away from scandal. He also wasnโ€™t about to turn away a beautiful young ladyโ€™s plea for help in exchange for her hand in marriage. Besides, he has sworn off love and a marriage of convenience is more to his liking. But once he sets his eyes on his future betrothed, his icy heart begins to melt. Only thereโ€™s a problem. His bride wants nothing to do with him. In fact, she is in love with another. Now Robert has a choice, either lock his heart away and live in misery, or take a risk and fight for the woman he loves.


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