Lucy and the Duke of Secrets

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About the Book:

A spirited young lady with a dream. A duke in disguise. A compromising situation....A penniless girl falls in love with a gardener who reveals himself to be the duke responsible for the loss of the only home she’s ever known.


Lucy hates dukes.
One in particular: her best friend’s brother, the arrogant Duke of Ashmore. A man she’s never met. Because of him, she’s lost the only home she’s ever known. She can’t forgive that. Ever.

Lucy loves gardeners.
One in particular: the charming Henry whose eyes shine in a million colours of blue. How lovely would life be if she were a simple gardener’s wife?

What if…
… that charming gardener reveals himself to be the Duke of Ashmore?

Will she ever be able to embrace who he is?

Leaving cheerful mayhem in her wake as she overturns the duke’s estate, his house, and his entire life, Lucy is certain of one thing: she loves the gardener, not the duke.

As they match wits, Lucy learns he is not the arrogant duke she thought.

Who exactly is this man, this Duke of Secrets?

When scandal strikes and her past catches up with her, Lucy faces an impossible dilemma.

Will her love ruin those dearest to her heart?

For the Duke of Secrets is not the only one wearing a disguise.


Lucy and the Duke of Secrets is a sweet, light-hearted Regency romp full of witty banter, mischief and heart-tugging happily ever after.


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