The Greatest Knowledge of the Ages, A Treasury

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Free on Amazon 01/07 โ€“ 01/08/2021, always free on Kindle Unlimited. Over the ages, a rich treasury of powerful esoteric knowledge has been discovered, yet remains largely unknown to the Western world. Records of this wisdom are like the fragmented relics of a shipwreck; vastly more of the great knowledge of the past has remained hidden than has been revealed. โ€œThe very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice.โ€ โ€”Mark Twain

Drawn from the archived journals and field notes of explorer M.G. Hawking's five years in exceedingly remote areas of the world, this book explores several of the most captivating of all ancient legends, stories that for thousands of years have fascinated and inspired millions.

Since the dawn of the earliest civilizations on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the mysterious inner region of the Himalayas has inspired countless stories of a hidden sanctuary of great masters possessed of all-encompassing knowledge. Absent an ember, there can be no smoke; there is a kernel of truth in all such ancient and enduring legends, and they cannot be easily, or wisely, dismissed. Yet, if this mysterious hidden realm still exists, whoโ€”or whatโ€”lives there? Why do they stay so carefully concealed? What knowledge do they possess? What powers? Where did they come from? If encountered, what would they want us to know?

Journey into a fabled lost realm deep in the Himalayas and far back through the ages to the mysterious civilization of Ancient Egypt to explore answers to these profound questions. Discover knowledge that for long millenniums has remained hidden under the most intense silence. As entertaining as it is richly enlightening, this anthology is an incomparable read for anyone seeking expanded knowledge and personal power. A Kindle Unlimited Book. 2020 Edition, Kindle e-reader page count 304. For more information, please see the โ€˜Look Insideโ€™ feature on the bookโ€™s Amazon page. Thank you.


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