Children of Vihorlat

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About the Book:

In a hot summer of 2016 three pupils from a primary school went missing whilst climbing Vihorlat. The case shook the entire region. These pupils have not been found till this day and neither has there been any clue which could help solve this case. Till this day the army guards the entrance to the forest through the forest management in the Jovsa village. The soldiers can’t let any other casualties occur in civil inhabitants. Sometimes one can hear shooting from the forest around the inactive volcano Vihorlat, as well as flares and mysterious red lights hovering above the peak of the mountains. The shooting is heard mostly when a mysterious burgundy light of intensive shining appears. Two relatives of the missing pupils, Laura and Samo decide to look for some traces and find their missing family members. They therefore decide to enter the forest despite the prohibition from the army. Inexplicable phenomena will guide them to the very end of the journey. This mysterious novel offers a different outlook on the world around us and it mainly points out the mystery of the so-far inactive volcano Vihorlat in the East of Slovakia.

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