Alien Frequency: Stellar Flash Book One

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About the Book:


Captain Jonathan Hogart’s first mission to Frequency One seems to be going well. New crew, new flash ship, and a new race of aliens to make first contact with.

But the binary suns start affecting his team in strange ways, the friendly aliens turn out to be not so friendly, and now he finds himself glued to the ground awaiting possible separation if he doesn’t hand over flash relocation technology.

As the sticky situation gets more and more complicated, and the mushroom bugs reveal further surprises, the alien crew discover that it’s not only planet brown and purple that they have to worry about. There is a much greater threat towards the center of the star system.

One that none of them would ever have suspected.


"Sci-fi at its greatest! I love this space opera and all of the characters who are on a first contact mission but find it different than planned. Jonathan and his new crew are fabulous to get to know and read about and the story is fast-paced and compelling. I am excited about book 2!" Dr. P. Eroh

"Nonstop fast paced thrilling action from a brilliant writer, weaves it into a work of fiction that stretches the mind in wondrous ways. It is a thriller, a book of possibilities can't wait to get started on rest of the series." Mr. D. White

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