Thriving While Black by Cori Jamal Williams

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About the Book:

Thriving While Black by Cori Jamal Williams is very important as it assesses the extensive psychological impact of systematic racism and offers solutions for success. Cori Jamal Williams exemplary writing skills along with his in-depth examination and research provides distinct credibility to his work. Thriving While Black is a much needed book and is very relevant to our society and world today. Chick Lit Café highly recommends Thriving While Black by Cori Jamal William – a must read book for all!

"Thriving While Black" portrays that Blacks are Americans too and should not have to be seen as less and unequal! Their humanity should not be reduced to mere negative stereotypes. If America truly prides itself in diversity, there shouldn't be a forced need for Blacks to adopt mainstream White culture, hair styling, speech mannerisms, dress codes, etc., and neglect their own African-American identity just to fit into corporate America. The beauty of diversity is not gathering different and diverse people and trying to make them act the same way. Instead, it is bringing diverse people together and allowing their diversity to thrive. This is the focus of this book.


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