Zoe the Crab- Mystery Island

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About the Book:

In this new adventure, Zoe, who is now older and smarter than before, is enjoying summertime with her friends and family on the white sands of her beach. A big holiday is approaching and the risk of being trampled on by the multitude of humans that will populate the beach in the coming days, forces Zoe and all the animals into a four-day reclusion. She is enjoying her last minutes outside with Sofia, when she is suddenly taken away from the beach. Zoe , who is afraid of heights, lands in a dangerous new world, that is full of mysteries and secrets. There, she meets different animals, who are being oppressed by a mean creature and ends up in the same condition. Her plans to escape are practically impossible since she lacks swimming skills and has only one claw. To survive that obscure environment, Zoe needs to be cautious, use her creativity and her captivating personality to survive, find her way home and help the other animals.But, how can Zoe run away from a mysterious island, from which nobody has ever escaped? Will Zoe be able to meet her family and friends again? Discover what happens and be ready for some excitement and funny situations.

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