Land of the Free (Book #1 of America 2052)

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About the Book:

North America, 2052. From the economic ashes of the Zero Day rises the Federated States of America. Its hawkish president, Clancey White, wants to rebuild his country as the world's dominant superpower. His plan: invade the Republic of Texas after securing a deal with Texas' key ally, the Russian-run Utopiate of California.

Miles away from the White House, on the wrong side of Chicago, a talented young criminal named Raze struggles for survival. His life is a daily dance with death among the forgotten masses of America's underclass. One day, Raze receives a call from an enigmatic figure promising riches for taking care of a "delivery" job. The gig sounds lucrative, but completing it will be tougher than anything he has done before. It will require defying the will of a president, and outwitting the most formidable administration America has ever known.

Welcome to the Land of the Free.


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