Existences and Vineyards (Volume 4)

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About the Book:

Existences and Vineyards is a five-volume series of a collection of poems that succinctly describe the human experience in raw form, conversations the author had with his other self, whilst in introspection and musings on the convolutedness of human existence. The poems reveal to their readers the thoughts of the author about human endeavors and how they affect us, from lifting us up to the apices of ecstasy, to putting us down to the nadirs of despondence and every other experience in between. The themes of the book include love and bile, happiness and sadness, success and failure, and other obvious subject matters known to characterize our lives and how we relate to one another and to the world. If you are human you'd find every letter, every word, every phrase, and sentence relatable to not only your life but the lives of everyone who ever walked this beautiful Earth.


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