Existences and Vineyards: An Anthology of Existential Poems

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About the Book:

Existences and Vineyards is an anthology of existential poems that seek to draw meaning from the intricacies of human endeavor, as well as the minutiae - those seemingly insignificant occurrences that the average human is wont to be oblivious of. The poems tell tales of conquest and defeats, ambivalence and decisiveness, self-discovery and self-destruction, love and hate, and all those events, actions, thoughts, and feelings that crystallize our realities, not disregarding the natural tendency of many to be unaware or indifferent to their roles as sojourners on Earth. In writing the poems, the author sought to embark on a voyage of discovery, unearthing the motives for human behavior, analyzing their consequences, proffering solutions to the decadence bedeviling the world, attaining enlightenment and truth and that measure of understanding reached only by those who earnestly look for answers. Let each line of poetry be a source of strength and inspiration to you, and as you find what you seek, you become a part of the emotional, mental and spiritual revolution permeating the world.


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