The Shylmahn Trilogy - all three epic volumes

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About the Book:

Three full length novels in one omnibus volume.

The Shylmahn Trilogy
Book 1: The Shylmahn Migration - award-winning!
Book 2: The Occupation
Book 3: Genesis

The Shylmahn Migration
For the Shylmahn, it was a wonderful adventure...
The Shylmahn Migration brings gritty realism to the nightmare of an overwhelming alien invasion of earth.
The miniseries screenplay adaptation of The Shylmahn Migration won the Pacific Northwest Screenwriters Competition.

The Occupation
The invasion had ended long ago. The remnants of humanity survived as best they could on reservations or in tiny communities out of sight of the masters of the planet. Most had never known a world not dominated by the Shylmahn, content now to live out their lives in the shadows.

Some were not content.

The Britton Family, legends from an all-but-forgotten war long since lost, fading into the obscurity of a human history soon to vanish, they now fought a war that no one knew was being waged.

A tenuous truce between Shylmahn and Human had kept the peace for more than five years, but there was never a doubt as to who were the masters of the planet. Earth belonged to the Shylmahn.

But the Britton Family, waging a clandestine war with the invaders for thirty years, had one last desperate, insane plan to get their world back. Succeed or fail, it would change the face of the planet forever.

Praise for β€œThe Shylmahn Migration”:

"Intelligent science fiction"
William C. Brown, Ph.D.
Author of 'The Evolutionary Science of Extraterrestrial Life'

"Outstanding writing in a fine story"
"Very well designed and very well executed"

David L. Powell, Ph.D.
English and American Literature

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