No Other gods: Loving What God Loves, Hating what God Hates by Terri Buckingham

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About the Book:

We are headed toward the end—the end of time. And we need to get ready. Does Jesus love you? Yes! Does He forgive sins? Yes! But as the age of grace comes to a close and the day of judgment is ushered in, God raises the bar. We’re used to His mercy, but judgment begins with the household of God. He’s purifying His bride, and these are the principles you’ll need to liberate yourself from the devil, who, if you’re not careful, will take hold of you and not let go. Learn how to live free from him and walk in sweet, tender fellowship with the Lord of Hosts through earth’s darkest hour.

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Book review:

In No Other gods: Loving What God Loves, Hating what God Hates (Volume 2), Terri Buckingham shares profound information, based on biblical scriptures, about exercising the authority Jesus Christ purchased for us on the cross.

The work begins by explaining the reasons for the modern church’s inability to hear, act, and move to achieve God’s will. Buckingham reminds Christians that God gave mankind dominion over the earth. Without their intervention through worship, prayer, and spiritual warfare, God’s will cannot be established. She also explains that Satan gains a means of entry into a Christian’s life through access points and hinders the person’s spiritual effectiveness.

Other topics discuss power and freedom as two of our greatest needs as Christians, how to stop sinning, the keys that unlock kingdom promises, spiritual weapons, what can defile a Christian, how we can become clean and more. Terri Buckingham not only reveals the loopholes that Satan uses to gain access, but also explains what Christians can do to remain undefiled and how they can be cleansed if they are already defiled. In every section, a prayer is included to actualize the teachings. The work derives its messages from quoted scriptures and it recognizes the sacrifice of Christ and what Jesus achieved on the cross. Author Terri Buckingham urges Christians to take hold of the freedom Jesus paid for and not take it for granted. She also encourages Christians to remain vigilant and pay attention to what they let into their lives. In the fourteenth chapter, the work analyzes what the Bible means by the statement “all things are lawful” by studying the verse’s context. Similar verses related to the topic that are commonly misinterpreted are explained by studying other related biblical passages.

I loved reading this powerful, doctrinally sound and insightful book. It recognizes God’s sovereignty and explores Christians’ mandate in establishing God’s will in their lives and on earth. No Other gods: Loving What God Loves, Hating what God Hates by Terri Buckingham comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.


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