Unbearably Deadly

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About the Book:

It’s officially Denali now, not Mount McKinley anymore. Denali National Park in Alaska’s vast heartland is the scene of a bloody and lethal attack that kills two of Roger and Suzanne’s friends. The FBI investigation concludes the cause of death was a tragic accident. With nothing more than a gut feeling that something is amiss, the detective couple heads to Alaska to search for the truth, which is much more complicated than it appears. The vast expanse of Denali National Park creates a 6 million-acre locked room murder case for our sleuths to solve. There are no suspects, no clues, and little help available. Can be read as a series entry or a standalone mystery novel. FREE from Kindle Unlimited. From a 5-star review: “The plot is well conceived, full of twists and turns...excellent descriptions of the locale and fully developed characterizations.”


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