Paper Maps, No Apps: An Unplugged Travel Adventure

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About the Book:

They lived their lives glued to their screens. Will one road trip give them the digital detox they need?

Bartender Johnny Welsh needed a break from his overstimulated life. Trying to climb out of their personal communication rut, he and his girlfriend set off on a two-week vacation to rediscover their connection. Never one to turn down a dare, he agrees to the bet of a lifetime:

Theyโ€™ll see if they can power down their smartphones for the entire sixteen-day adventure.

The mayhem that followed changed their perspectives forever. Suddenly open to opportunities all around them, the couple discovered tequila-soaked campfires, wild happy hours, and a truly diverse collection of strange and wonderful people along the way.

But most extraordinarily, their simple but difficult flight from their handheld devices began to inspire others to do the same.

Told in a refreshingly self-deprecating tone, Welsh recounts the coupleโ€™s madcap journey on the open road. With their texts and notifications on pause, they were able to make deep bonds โ€“ both with new friends and with each other. As you accompany them through each encounter loonier than the last, youโ€™ll wonder how you ever got on with your technology.

Paper Maps, No Apps: An Unplugged Travel Adventure is a laugh-out-loud memoir. If you like hilarious hijinks, humbling lessons, and unforgettable interactions, then youโ€™ll love Johnny Welshโ€™s analog outing.

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