This Day is Ours

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About the Book:

2020 Global Ebook Award Winner

2020 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

2020 Kindle Book Awards Semi-Finalist

2020 Book Excellence Awards Finalist

2020 Maggie Awards of Excellence Finalist

2020 Readers' Favorite Book Awards Finalist

The American Colonies, 1776. As the flames of revolution spread across a divided land, a shadowy figure prowls the streets of Philadelphia. Known only as Jack Flash, rebel highwayman, he preys on wealthy aristocrats loyal to the British Crown. The unpredictable outlaw always manages to elude his foes, until the night he targets a Loyalist lady whose fiery spirit could spell his doom.

Alexandra Pennington has her future well planned when a chance encounter turns her world upside down. Betrothed to a dashing king's man suited to her in every way, the young widow tangles with an unrefined rebel fiercely opposed to British rule. Against all reason, she finds common ground with an enemy of the Crown. The sensible course for her is clear, but her bond with the notorious rogue will test her loyalty not only to her king but also to the man she vowed to marry.


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