The Adventures of The True Sunbeam

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About the Book:

Experience an International Best Indie Book Award winning story - but then - discover for yourself why this rhyming kids book about a curious Sunbeam is generating world-wide attention.

It’s far more than a story. To better digest the full meal deal, you’re invited to experience the 12 week “5 Star Self-Confidence Toolkit” that will assist in taking full advantage of all the unique special features that transform this “kids book” into an interactive, relationship healing, gratitude and self-confidence building, emotion balancing, family health and happy home system.

You may be curious and wondering, “Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner?” But then you’ll remember, and just be grateful!!

In the coloring book version, let your inner artist shine as you co-create a family keepsake, since each artist is invited to sign and date their own coloring page. But don’t finish coloring the page just yet!

Instead, get really creative! Rather than just letting the child take over the rest of the book, pass it around to the other adults and older siblings (?) to start coloring their own page before gifting the book to the child for their birthday or special occasion.

Then, on subsequent visits from grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, etc, they’ll have a coloring project to work on together that can be used as a good excuse for some one on one, relationship building “talk time.” Strengthen family ties with low-tech “grandparent friendly” solutions… and build that love into the book! What do you think? Cool eh?

But wait, there’s MORE!

Imagine a bedtime story the entire family can participate in at every reading, regardless where they are in the universe? This is part of the plan of having the whole family participate in the coloring book. Grandparents will be right there every night while still hanging out in Arizona!

How ‘bout MORE, you ask!?

Ok! I say!

In both the coloring book and the full-color ‘story’ book version, after the story you’ll find the “Shining Moments” pages which act as the bedtime story reader’s cue to ask the child the most important question of the day, which is: “What was your brightest Shining Moment of the day?” You can write it down for them or use the included “Shining Moments prompting questions” to assist in remembering the brightest one.

These recorded highlights of the child’s best moments will often come in handy as dark and gray days naturally occur from time to time and… like a life raft in the storm, the child will always have a record of not only many of their best ever moments written down to re-read and remember, they’ll also have a record of family artwork and words of wisdom or prized family memories written down from all of their loving, caring friends and family members they can return to and rely on, again and again.

This ‘record of evidence’ can save lives!

Designed to be a system that brings an end, once and for all, to this age of bullying and all it’s tragic consequences, your comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged if you have an idea of how to make The Adventures of the True Sunbeam and the “5 Star Self-Confidence Toolkit” more effective.

I am grateful to the people at for their insight to the needs of our next generations and for their encouragement and acknowledgment in choosing The Adventures of the True Sunbeam as an International Best Indie Book Award winner.

Thank you!
“Uncle Mark” Olmstead


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