She's as good as dead

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About the Book:

She is on the verge of a breakdown and lost almost everything. Receiving puzzles of dead people and their last moments. The game has just started. Where will it end?
Abigail finds her way to the front door. Only to find a mysterious yellow envelope containing an odd puzzle. Its sender nowhere to be found. After assembling the puzzle, she was overcome by fear at what she saw. In front of her lay a photograph of the killer’s first victim.
Lara Jones just moved to Buffalo to work at the local FBI field office. She came here with one goal; sorting out the mess that was her private life. But that also came with a twist, and nothing is as easy as it seemed. Shortly after her arrival, she was given instructions to find a missing woman and to keep it discreet. With her two best friends, who are also her fellow agents, she started the search for the lost woman. They unknowingly got caught in the crosshairs of a serial killer, not realizing it before there was no way out. Trapped in his sick game. With brutal, nail-biting suspense, the cat and mouse game lingers. And with each message that the unsub leaves, the stakes grow higher.
Another puzzle was received, of a woman, bound and gagged, holding a cardboard sign, who was found days later in a field. Stripped of all humanity and turned into the puzzle she once represented.
The three FBI agents are being hunted down, but by who? And for what?
Lara Jones is far from giving up, but this brutal and dark game has just started, and whoever chooses to play will receive a puzzle.
Within the killings, hid dark secrets and substantial pain. There are no leads, just dead ends. With a rising sun, a new woman found dead and a new puzzle created. There are no witnesses and a lot of questions and guilt.
Lara Jones needs to break a few barriers to catch their killer. If she fails, the killer moves his game to people that are close to her, creating puzzles in his wake.


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