I am Becoming a Woman

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About the Book:

In our youth the idea of the future is imbued with an alluring foreboding of love, since all songs and books say love is something special, and the body is excited by the anticipation of something sweet and forbidden. Love longing is precisely what allows sometimes complete strangers to enter your life and sometimes even become a part of your life. What do we expect from love and do we then get exactly what we expect?

In this exquisitely written romantic book the author analyzes the experience of her youth in search of love. She recalls the time when the iron curtain separating Russia from the Western world was destroyed, the country stopped building socializm and tried to adopt the so-called "Western values".

You may experience the kind of bittersweet pleasure while plunging into the long-lost reality of a bygone era on the other side of the world, surrounded by the long changed streets of the once-mighty capital of the whole Socialist world, now preserved only in old retro black and white photos.
Together with the main heroine of this story, the reader enters the so-called "alluring and forbidden adult life" and comprehends its rules, while trying to figure out how to look like a real woman in the eyes of men she met.




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