One Big Furry Family (The Adventures of Miracle #2)

$ 2.99
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In book #1, you got to know Miracle and how he was rescued. You met Penny, Sparky, Bitsy, Shadow, and Blackberry. You followed along as they came face-to-face with a horrible monster, read about the day Miracle was too curious, and met the two newest members of the family.
Now, they're back to share more adventures with you. In this volume you'll hear about the creature of the night and the time Miracle escaped. You'll also meet other members of the family along the way.
Join Miracle and his family as they have one adventure after the next in book #2 of The Adventures of Miracle Series.

Kindle Price: $2.99 (Also available on Kindle Unlimited)
Paperback Price: $5.45
Audiobook Price: $3.46


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