The Evil Among Us (True Disturbing Files #3)

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They walk down the street alongside us. We share our homes with them. We ride the same bus or go to the same school. They take our orders at restaurants. They come to us in our time of need. They ring up our groceries at the supermarket. They coach our children in sports. They dress up as clowns and entertain little ones at birthday parties. They are complete strangers who we have never crossed paths with. They are our business associates and coworkers. We call them friends and family. They are military veterans and upstanding citizens in the community. They attend church every Sunday with their families. They are our children, our mother, our father, our grandparent, our neighbor, our sibling, the one who brings the mail, our pastor, or our significant other. We love them, we trust them, and we think we know them.

In reality, they are manipulators, liars, cheaters, killers, and people capable of living two completely different lives at the same time. They are adept at hurting total strangers, their friends, and those they should risk everything to protect. They commit some of the most heinous, sickening, unbelievable, and cowardice acts. They do them without any remorse, empathy, or care for their victims. They are family annihilators, mass murderers, and serial killers.

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