The Unsolved (True Disturbing Files #2)

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Every U.S. state has at least a dozen unsolved cold cases sitting around collecting dust, just waiting for someone to come forward with that one tad bit of information that closes the case for good and gets justice for the deceased and their families. Maybe you saw something that didn’t seem the least bit suspicious, but that detail may be all investigators need to charge a murderer for his or her crimes. Perhaps you overheard someone bragging about something they did thirty years ago, and that information just so happens to be the puzzle piece that links so-and-so to an unsolved homicide long forgotten for some. Or suppose you read the cases in this book, and then you pass someone on the street who looks just like the description of a suspect in a double murder investigation.
Someone somewhere out there knows who is responsible for these crimes, even if they don't realize that they know. It is my hope that by compiling these cases here that at least one family will get closure for the untimely death of their loved one.
Please keep in mind that the descriptions of some of the cases in this book are very graphic. Reader discretion is advised.

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